The information on this page is designed to help people streaming on Twitch and other platforms who may want to display information during the Destiny 2 "A Rising Tide" community event. If you have questions, or want to request specific changes, reach out to Bachmanetti.

Nightbot Command

To add a Nightbot command !event for your twitch channel to show the current progress of the event, paste the following command into your chat:
!addcom !event $(eval a=$(urlfetch json; $(urlfetch
Nightbot Command Preview

Stream Overlay

A somewhat simplified version of the data tracker is avaialble to use on your stream. To use this you will need to use a "browser source" or similar supported by your streaming client.

Overlay Settings

Use the settings at the left to configure the Stream Overlay webpart and preview below.

Minimalist view: Turn off Chart and predictions

Wide with chart: Set width to 800+ and turn off Stacking

Stream Overlay Link
Overlay Preview